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Avenue QCharacters

All puppeteering parts require the skill and the physical stamina to hold, carry and operate a heavy puppet for hours on end.  And not just operate, the human must be able to bring a life into the puppet that will entrance and enthrall the audience from start to finish.  We will not be splitting the casting – each puppeteer will take the multiple characters as originally performed.

Vocally, there are no passengers in this show. EVERYONE pulls their weight, be it in range, harmony, volume, etc. Chunky harmonies throughout, mostly done by the leads, but the ensemble only sing when there is harmony, so they have to be on their game, too.

Princeton / Rod

Character Info: Princeton is an optimistic recent college graduate, who is anxious to discover his purpose in life; but how can he with no experience and a useless English degree.  A bit of a romantic, but fears commitment.  Rod, a highly-strung anal-retentive Republican banker, in denial about his obvious sexuality.  (Somewhat reminiscent of Bert from Sesame street)
Vocal Ability:  Tenor
Princeton: Bb up to G, pretty pop-tenor sound.  Rod: A up to Ab, nasal, slightly effeminate.
Age: 20s+, Male

Kate Monster / Lucy the Slut

Character Info: Kate Monster is a furry kindergarten teaching assistant, who is a little insecure about herself, but is quite self-righteous and stubborn.  She tries to come across as a strong independent woman/monster, but pretty much just wants a boyfriend.  Lucy the Slut is the opposite of Kate.  She is a confident, cabaret singer, who oozes with sexuality.  (She doesn’t mind being felt, if you get our meaning.)  She takes what she wants…
Vocal Ability: Mezzo
Kate Monster: Belts to Eb, Head up to ?? Sweet sounding.  Lucy T.S: Belts to Db. Head of a different kind. Deep, bluesy belt.
Age: 20s+, Female

Nicky / Trekkie

Character Info: Nicky, is Rod’s probably-straight slacker roommate, who is a little bit thoughtless, but well meaning.  (Kind of like Ernie from Sesame Street).   Trekkie Monster, a surly recluse who surfs the internet all day in search of porn.  (Think Cookie Monster, but C is definitely NOT for cookie.)
Vocal Ability: Tenor – Low A to top A (falsetto up to Db)
Nicky: Slightly Kermit the frog.  Trekkie: Rough, gravelly.
Age: 20s+, Male

Gary Coleman

Character Info: HUMAN.  Although preferably a dark skinned female, we will work with whoever can play the role of TV’s Gary Colemen From Diff’rent Strokes best.
Vocal Ability: Alto.  Alto – Low D, Belts to F, with screamer Bb above that.  If male – Super-High Tenor!
Age: Mid/Late 20’s – Mid 40’s, Female (Male?)

Christmas Eve

Character Info: HUMAN.  Although preferably Asian in appearance, we will work with whoever can play this racially stereotypical character best.  Christmas Eve is a loud, brash, intelligent immigrant from Japan.  Speaks her mind, with a somewhat offensive Asian stereotype speech pattern…
Vocal Ability: Mezzo – Belts to F! Head up to Bb.
Age: Late 20’s – 30’s, Female


Character Info: HUMAN.  An aspiring comedian recently laid off from his day job. A little bit hen-pecked by his fiancee/wife, Christmas Eve.
Vocal Ability: Baritone – C# up to G.
Age: Late 20’s – 30’s, Male

Ensemble x4

Character Info: Some will play some of the minor roles and incidental puppets, some will be extra arms for the main puppet characters.
Vocal Abilities: Harmony chops essential.
Age: 20s +, M or F

Audition Requirements


Be warned – the audition panel will focus heavily on your skills as a puppeteer and we will be extremely interested in how you vocalise, characterise and physicalise it.  Be prepared to operate a hand-puppet puppet the entire time you are in auditions.  We may not speak to you at all, only your puppet.
If you do not have a hand puppet, you should get one to practise with, and bring to auditions!  (Even if you make a simple one out of a pair of socks!)
Because Avenue Q is a spoof of Sesame Street and the puppets are very Muppet-like, we will be looking to see how you are influenced by Jim Henson’s creations and techniques. So If you haven’t seen Sesame Street since you were a kid, go and watch watch as much as you can and practice, practice, practice.
Don’t forget – if you are auditioning for a non-human character – your puppet will have to do the vocals and the acting…


You will be required to prepare one song.  Please consider the style of the show and the character(s) you are auditioning for when choosing a song.   And learn it!
There will be NO A’capella or CDs/backing-tracks.  You must bring sheet music and our multi-talented piano player will play it for you.  You may bring your own piano player.  (Most of us won’t take it personally.)   The sheet music must be in the desired key (we will not transpose), and please write in any slight edits you may need.
If the song is a twelve page epic, please choose the bit that highlights your range and talents.  You won’t get through it all!
If we stop you half way through, please do not take it personally.  We are EXCELLENT at our jobs (no really) and we only need a few moments to see what you can do.


At the audition you will be given some script to read.  Of course, Acting is not just something you do with words, your acting during the singing and puppeteering will also be considered.  If you are auditioning for a non-puppet character, this will, of course, be a major part of your audition.


While this is not a dancing show, we will be looking to see how you move.  Don’t worry about it.  We may get you to do some choreography.


Rehearsals will be held Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings in Altona.  Performances will run for three weekends in February.


Don’t be nervous – we will try and make the process as enjoyable as possible.  Relax.  Enjoy.  Don’t worry if you mess up – we want to see what you CAN do, and we will conveniently ignore any mistakes you make.
PS Learn your song off by heart!  Extra points are always awarded for people who are prepared!!
Any further questions or hints or possible links to help you with your homework, please email us at

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