Show season:  October 1989

Roxie Hart Barbara Hughes
Velma Kelly Kymaree Raverty
Billy Flynn Robert Puksand
Matron Mamma Morton Karen Middleton
Mary Sunshine David Clark
Amos Greg Stowe
Em Cee Dean Banova
Go-To-Hell-Kitty Ann Burt
Annie (Pop) Sally Calderwood
Liz (Six) Adrienne Bird
June (Squish) Audrey Williams
Maria (Uh ah) Mary Cini
Mona (Lipschwitz) Judy Spong
Fred Casely Brendan Millar
Sergeant Fogarty Ian Colling
Reporters, Showgirls, Court Officials, etc Darryl Bell
Harold Doran
Tamara Finch
Brett Lalor
Carolyn Lalor
Janeane McCurry
Bernie Tuck
Cheryl West

Director Brad Smith
Musical Director Andrew Mathers
Choreographer Joanne Campbell
Producer Henry Ismailiw
Assistant Director Adrienne Bird
Stage Manager David Sutton
Lighting/Audio Design and Operation Roger Forsey
Followspots David Cogger
Bruce Warlow
Stage Crew Roger Blackman
Felicity Buckley
Greg Erwood
Rick Ford
Peter Goad
Paloma Oller
Properties Margaret Oakley
Set Design Brad Smith
Set Construction Paul Koch
ACT Members
Costumes Norma Wilson
Scenic Artists Rochelle Patterson
Steve Warbuton
FOH Coordinator Therese Eldridge
Special Effort Therese Eldridge
Audrey Williams
Chicken and Champagne Supper Borg and Sons
Photography David Cogger
Programme Henry Ismailiw
Tickets Brenda Downes
Rehearsal Pianist Louise Byrne
Banners Therese Eldridge
Audrey Williams
Publicity Bernadette Wheatley