Jack and the Beanstalk
Written and composed by Ric McInerney

Show season:  October 1985

Hanna Hannaford (Mother) David Clark
Butternut (the cow) Pam Byrne
Caroline Suban
Michelle Galea
Jack Hannaford Sally Calderwood
The Pedlar/Hairdresser Greg Stowe
The Witch Gillian Jones
The Toad David Grech
The Giant's Wife Bernadette Wheatley
The Giant Ian Dunlop
Tom Over
The Butcher Tom Over
The Landlord Ian Dunlop
Chook Karen Middleton
The Harp Anne Hannaphy
Tapping Toadstools Joanne Flint
Anne Hannaphy
Jenny Koch
Joanne Lokaj
Janet Webster
Townsfolk and Flower People Elizabeth Barnes
Carl Van Biene
Pam Byrne
David Carne
Michelle Galea
Beryl Lokaj
Glenda Pascoe
Caroline Suban
Bert Trowesdale

Director Ric McInerney
Musical Director Maria Free
Choreographer Lynda Woods
Producer Ros Butler
Stage Manager Janene Lokaj
Costume Design/Coordinator Norma Woods
Set Design Brad Smith
Properties David Carne
Lighting Suzanne Patterson
Audio Ian Colling
Tamara Finch
Director's Assistant Janene Lokaj
Producer's Assistant Carl Van Biene
Publicity Carl Van Biene
Set Construction Members of ACT
Backstage Crew Dean Mitchelmore
Jim Davis
Adrienne Bird
Leanne Walsh
Front of House Brenda Downes
Loretta Flint
Members of ACT
Program Ric McInerney
David Clark

Piano/Conductor Maria Free
Bass Guitar Andrew Free
Clarinet Bob Casley
Drums Alec Agnuis
Musical Arrangements Andrew Free