Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
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Show dates:   March 13 - March 28 2009

This show has closed

Matinee @ 2pm
Evening @ 7:30pm
Matinee @ 2pm + Evening @ 7:30pm

All was happy and well in White Kingdom until the sad day that the beautiful queen died leaving Snow White with only her royal nanny, and the King without a wife. Heldred, the beautiful yet wicked witch wastes no time in casting a spell on the king and they are married before barely a year had passed. Queen Heldred, whose meanness is only surpassed by her vanity, rules the land with an iron fist. All in the kingdom revere her and her two pathetic sidekicks bungle all of her dirty work.

We join the story as a dashing Prince, Peter of Palpitania, arrives in White Kingdom on his journey looking for a wife; all of the women swoon and court his affections. Even Queen Heldred wants him for herself, however much to her anger, it is Snow White who the prince immediately falls for and they announce their engagement. To make matter worse for the Queen her magic mirror tells her that she is no longer the fairest in the Kingdom, Snow White is. In a rage Heldred plots to kill Snow White who flees the Kingdom in fear of her life and without a chance to say goodbye. Snow White and her nanny are exhausted from walking for days, when seven strange friendly dwarfs rescue them and take them in. The evil queen discovers their hideout, poisons an apple and tricks Snow White into eating it – immediately sending her into a deep sleep. Fairy Cakes the pantomime fairy can lift the curse only if Prince Peter kisses her. The prince is heartbroken to see his dying bride-to-be as the dwarfs and her friends stay beside her.

Can the spell be lifted before Snow White's time runs out? Will Queen Heldred have won and become the fairest in the land? Will the wicked Queen be suitably dealt with along with her idiot sidekicks? Will all be well again in White Kingdom? Will King Put-upon make an honest woman of Nanny Bumptious Plumpkin? Will all live happily ever after?

Take a bite... and find out!

Snow White Shelley Szova
Jangles the Jester Michael Skellern
Manic Max Miraca Walker
Nanny Bumptious Plumpkin Hayley Green
Prince Peter Andrew O'Donovan
Tibs the Valet Ardian Beqa
Queen Heldred Sharon Szova
Bashem Patt Ryan
Scarper Michael Delaney
King Put-Upon Mark Bonte
Fairy Cakes Laura Williams
Magic Spell Hayley Edwards
Smiley Hayley Harkin
Snoozy Phoebe Hogarth
Sniffy Katie Privett
Quack Corey O'Donovan
Crashful Chelsea Hogarth
Grotty Joel Coutts
Dippy Chris Barrington Brown
Mirror Chris Barrington Brown
Featured Dancers Brad Bowden
Louise Campbell
Kyle Forbes
Luke Fenton
Stephanie Johns
Georgia Peterson
Ensemble Alex Beckitt
Xavier Beckitt
Emma Dumesny
Hayley Edwards
Cody Harkin
Melanie Harkin
Dilan Ismail
Tayle Podesta-Muir
Ebony Puopolo
Adrianna Timpani
Eugene Twomey
Laura Wilkinson
Laura Williams

Director Lauren Grieve
Musical Director Lisa Nightingale
Choreographer Tanya Mamo
Producer Elise Elmer
Assistant Producer Carly Stephens
Stage Manager Narelle Bonnici
Assistant Stage Manager Laurene Coller
Properties Carly Stephens
Costume Design Lauren Grieve
Costume Fabrication Lauren Grieve
Kim Harkin
Yvonne Peterson
Jacque Johns
Tracie Privett
Lighting Design/Operation James Morgan
Sound Design/Operation Mark Crick
James Holt
Microphone Fitters Rebekah Edwards
Daniel Treloar
Stage Crew Members and Friends Of ACT
Properties Assistant Aaron Walker
Set Design Lauren Grieve
Set Construction Shaun O'Donovan
Doug Privett
Nigel Edwards
Scenic Art Patt Ryan
Ang Cuy
Caroline Winiczenko
Publicity Laurene Coller
Georgi Cahill
Program Design James Holt
Elise Elmer
Flyer Design James Holt
James Morgan
Printing Vangel Christov
Ticket Secretary Adrienne Williamson
Front of House Coordinator Lesley Stokes
Front of House Staff Members and Friends ACT
Audition Secretary Paul Basilio

Performances will be held at the Altona Theatre, 115 Civic Pde, Altona (to the left of the council offices).

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