The Beat

Ticket Information

Show dates:   October 7 - October 22 2016
Running time:  Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes (including a 20 minute interval)
All Tickets: $25
This show has closed

Matinee @ 2pm
Evening @ 8pm
Matinee @ 2pm + Evening @ 8pm

In the beginning... there was the beat. And it was good.

Take a journey with us down musical memory lane through the hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s!

From Motown to MTV, icons will be immortalised. Stars will be celebrated. Generations of music that were the soundtrack of our youth. It's the music of our lives, live on stage. And man, the music is good.

So, all you hairbrush-singers, loungeroom-dancers, mixed-tape makers, twisters-and-shakers. This is for you. Let your hair hang down.

We can be heroes. Just for one day.

THE BEAT is a two-act rock revue, starting in the Motown world of Hitsville USA, taking a trip down musical memory lane through 60s girls groups and du-wop boys, 70s protest songs and disco divas, 80s MTV and thrilling icons.

Friday 7th October @ 8pm - Gala Opening (+$5 on all tickets incl supper & refreshments)
Saturday 8th October @ 8pm
Friday 14th October @ 8pm
Saturday 15th October @ 8pm
Sunday 16th October @ 2pm
Friday 21st October @ 8pm
Saturday 22nd October @ 8pm

Ensemble Adam Yahya
Alex Williams
Andrew Price
Anna Good
Anna Marinelli
Ashley Kelman
Chiara Ravnik
Clare Stevenson
Curtis Mason
Daniel Ortega
Dean Johnson
Dylan Mazurek
Edwina McKenna
Elisa Osegueda
Ellen Akers
Elyce Hinksman
Emily Bowen-Feistl
Emma Baldacchino
Gabi Cronin
Gabriella Barbagallo
Grace McKenna
Greta Georgiou
Greta Walters
Ingrid Gray
Joseph D'Aspromonte
Josh Peterson
Kara Tottenham
Katy Somerville
Kirrily Stephens
Krystal Holzer
Leah McClelland
Leigh Johnson
Lizzie Zito
Matt Bond
Matt Darmo
Matthew Azzopardi
Matthew Canham
Paul Frederick
Samantha Mizzi
Sammy Yahya
Sarah Carruthers
Sean Kirkpatrick
Steph Williams
Stephanie Johns
Whitney Johnson

Directors Rachel Collins
Catriona Rabl
Choreographer Felicity Bender
Producers Daniel Treloar
David Postill
Band Leader & Original Arrangements Simon Rabl
Vocal Consultant Ryan Meeking
Vocal Direction Cariona Rabl
Rachel Collins
Graphic Design Sean Kirkpatrick Designs
Monique Sangster
Dylan Mazurek
Costumes Liz Zito
Amy Porter
Jo Brislane
Santa Young
Maureen Collins
Make Up and Hair Caroline Winiczenko and team
Technical Director Mark Crick
Lighting Design Daniel Treloar
Sound Design James Holt
Stage Manager Megan O'Hagan
Set Design Daniel Treloar
David Postill
Rachel Collins
Catriona Rabl
Ticket Secretary Adrienne Williamson
Original Artwork Concept Hannah Dingli
Program Design Sean Kirkpatrick Designs
Video and Projections Sean Kirkpatrick Designs
Matthew Canham
Photography Sean Kirkpatrick
Monique Sangster
Social Media Dylan Mazurek
Catriona Rabl
Publicity Elyce Fullwood
Crew Courtney McCullough
Sarah Charles
Luke Vranes
Chloe Anderson
Special Thanks Simon Rabl
Ryan Meeking
Liz Zito
Amy Porter
Tricia Sargant
Neroli Cochrane
Clifton McLeod
Santa Young
Maureen Collins
Tim Devine
Joyce Baker-Dawber
Shepparton Theatre Arts Group
Whitney Johnson
Matt Darmody
Katy Somerville
Sean Kirkpatrick
Matthew Canham
Elyce Fullwood
Paul Frederick
Kathy Summers
Kara Meeking
Andrew Minard
Cliff Bowden
Emma Costello
Dylan Mazurek

Band Leader & Bass Guitar Simon Rabl
Guitar Andrew Minard
Aidan Arandez
Keys Adriano Pruscino
Cliff Bowden
Rachel Edwards
Catriona Rabl
Percussion Cliff Bowden
Catriona Rabl
Drums Richard Rocek
Horns Emily Clarke
Mitchell Brusamarello

Performances will be held at the Altona Theatre, 115 Civic Pde, Altona (to the left of the council offices).

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