Spring Awakening
A New Musical
Book and Lyrics by Steven Sater. Music by Duncan Sheik.
Based on the Original Play by Frank Wedekind
Orchestrations: Duncan Sheik, Vocal Arrangements: Ann Marie Milazzo, String Orchestrations: Simon Hale

Original Broadway Production Produced by IRA PITTELMAN, TOM HULCE, JEFFREY RICHARDS, JERRY FRANKEL, ATLANTIC THEATER COMPANY, Jeffrey Sine, Freddy DeMann, Max Cooper, Mort Swinsky/Cindy and Jay Gutterman/Joe McGinnis/Judith Ann Abrams, ZenDog Productions/CarJac Productions, Aron Bergson Productions/Jennifer Manocherian/Ted Snowdon, Harold Thau/Terry Schnuck/Cold Spring Productions, Amanda Dubois/Elizabeth Eynon Wetherell, Jennifer Maloney/Tamara Tunie/Joe Cilibrasi/StyleFour Productions.

The World Premiere of "SPRING AWAKENING" was produced by the Atlantic Theater Company by special arrangement with Tom Hulce and Ira Pittelman.
By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd Exclusive agent for Music Theatre International (NY)

Ticket Information

Show dates:   July 5 - July 20 2013
Running time:  Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes
Adults: $30
Concession: $25
$25 each for groups of 10+
This show has closed

Matinee @ 2pm
Evening @ 8pm
Matinee @ 2pm + Evening @ 8pm

Spring Awakening takes its inspiration from one of literature's most controversial masterpieces - a work so daring in its depiction of teenage self-discovery, it was banned from the stage and not performed in its complete form in English for nearly 100 years.

In a world where the grown-ups hold all the cards, the beautiful young Wendla explores the mysteries of her body, and wonders aloud where babies come from, till Mama tells her to shut it, and put on a proper dress.

Elsewhere, the brilliant and fearless young Melchior interrupts a mind-numbing Latin drill to defend his buddy Moritz - a boy so traumatised by puberty he can't concentrate on anything. Not that the Headmaster cares. He strikes them both and tells them to turn in their lesson.

One afternoon - in a private place in the woods - Melchior and Wendla meet by accident, and soon find within themselves a desire unlike anything they've ever felt.

As they fumble their way into one another's arms, Moritz flounders and soon fails out of school. When even his one adult friend, Melchior's mother, ignores his plea for help, he is left so distraught he can't hear the promise of life offered by his outcast friend Ilse.

Naturally, the Headmasters waste no time in pinning the "crime" of Moritz's suicide on Melchior and expel him. And soon Mama learns her little Wendla is pregnant. Now the young lovers must struggle against all odds to build a world together for their child.

Friday 5th July @ 8pm - Gala Opening (+$5 on all tickets incl supper & refreshments)
Saturday 6th July @ 8pm
Friday 12th July @ 8pm
Saturday 13th July @ 8pm
Sunday 14th July @ 2pm
Friday 19th July @ 8pm
Saturday 20th July @ 8pm

Melchior Douglas Costello
Moritz Robbie Medica
Hanschen/Rupert Thomas Bradford
Ernst/Reinhold Pasquale Bartalotta
Otto/Ulbrecht Curtis Mason
Georg/Dieter David Miles
Wendla Tess Walsh
Ilse Gabriella Sabatino
Martha Mattie Mcleod
Thea Hannah Morrison
Anna Ellen Akers
Adult Male Chris Anderson
Adult Female Caroline Winiczenko

Director Patt Ryan
Musical Director Dave Barclay
Choreographer Stephanie Johns
Producer David Postill

Performances will be held at the Altona Theatre, 115 Civic Pde, Altona (to the left of the council offices).

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