Get Involved!

Altona City Theatre is an ideal medium for getting involved with amateur theatre irrespective of your level of experience and knowledge across a broad spectrum of activities.  We welcome volunteers of all ages, sexes, races and religions.  For those familiar with the Amateur Theatre community in Victoria, you would be surprised to find how many well-known and respected people you know got their start at ACT.  It’s the welcoming and ‘family-like’ atmosphere that ensures everyone feels like a part of the team, and keeps them coming back year after year.

So what can I get involved in?

Absolutely everything that goes into putting on a show is up for grabs.  Our shows are managed by ACT from start to finish and as a result every task needs doing by at least one volunteer.

Here are just some of the tasks you can get involved with;

  • Costumes (Design, sourcing materials or hire stock, sewing, inventory management)
  • Properties (Sourcing, building, inventory management)
  • Sets (Design, construction, decoration/dressing, logistics)
  • Technical (Lighting/Sound design, rigging, maintenance, operation)
  • Production Management (Secretarial, accounting, liaison, marketing/promotion)
  • Front of House (Management, ushering, programme sales, tickets)
  • Show Operations (Stage management, crewing, make up)
  • Show Development (Directing, choreographing, musical directing, producing)
  • Media Operations (Media liaison, promotion, website, newsletter)
  • Company Operations (Committee, social planning, archives, volunteer management)
  • and many, many more!

But what if you’re interested in one or more of the above tasks, but have zero knowledge?  No problem- in most cases we can help teach you!

How can I be in your shows?

Performers are encouraged to audition for roles in our shows.  Our casts are usually comprised of a wide range of skill and experience levels, so new or young performers need not be concerned that they don’t stand a chance.  Our annual March pantomime especially is known for involving a large number of relatively inexperienced performers and giving them the experience and confidence they need to perform in our other productions.  There’s no need to contact us in advance to register your interest, simply check out our auditions page for information on our next round of auditions or ‘like’ us on Facebook to get our audition notices directly in your News Feed.

So how do I get involved?

Easy!  Simply tell us a little bit about yourself via our online expression of interest form.  Alternately, if you’re interested in being in shows simply see the above paragraph.