Alice in Wonderland
Script provided by NODA Ltd
Written by Robert Marlowe

Ticket Information

Show dates:   February 26 - March 19 2016
Running time:  Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes (including a 20 minute interval)
All Tickets: $7
This show has closed

Matinee @ 2pm
Evening @ 7:30pm
Matinee @ 2pm + Evening @ 7:30pm

After reading with her sister one afternoon on a riverbank, Alice sees a mysterious White Rabbit hop past her, exclaiming that he is late. Curious, she follows him, and falls down his rabbit hole into Wonderland. She is met by talking animals who tell her of the delights, but also warn her of the dangers, of Wonderland.

Throughout Alice's journey, she meets an ensemble of cameo and principal characters, such as a dozy Caterpillar, the jolly twins Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the obnoxious Duchess and her Cook, the mysterious Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, Mad Hatter and Dormouse, and finally the glamorous but ill-tempered Queen of Hearts, her husband the King, the Knave and their pack of cards.

All Alice wants is to return home, but decides that if she cannot, she may as well attend the Queen's garden party and singing contest. It is here that she lands herself in trouble; she interrupts and wins the singing contest between the Queen and her rival the Duchess, and the Queen declares off with Alice's head. Alice is held trial, yet none of the testimonies make sense, and finally the Queen declares everybody guilty. Chaos ensues, until finally Alice realises that the whole affair was just a bad dream, and awakes safe and sound on her riverbank.

Full of laughs, magic, and hijinks, Alice in Wonderland is a classic pantomime for the whole family and a great way to introduce children to the world of theatre. It's a fantastic way to spend an afternoon or evening, with special cast meet & greet opportunities after every matinee performance.

Friday 26th February @ 7:30pm - SOLD OUT
Saturday 27th February @ 7:30pm - SOLD OUT
Sunday 28th February @ 2pm - SOLD OUT
Friday 4th March @ 7:30pm - SOLD OUT
Saturday 5th March @ 2pm - SOLD OUT
Sunday 6th March @ 2pm - SOLD OUT
Friday 11th March @ 7:30pm - SOLD OUT
Saturday 12th March @ 2pm - SOLD OUT
Saturday 12th March @ 7:30pm - SOLD OUT
Sunday 13th March @ 2pm - SOLD OUT
Friday 18th March @ 7:30pm - SOLD OUT
Saturday 19th March @ 2pm - SOLD OUT
Saturday 19th March @ 7:30pm - SOLD OUT

Alice Heidi Milne
The Duchess Scott Bradley
White Rabbit Maxine Palmerson
Queen of Hearts Ellen Akers
Cheshire Cat Alicia Leckie
Caterpillar Gabriella Barbagallo
Mad Hatter Jeremy Withers
March Hare Mason Stiles
Dormouse Ellie Caisley
Tweedle Dee Jake Aquilina
Tweedle Dum Daniel Ortega
The Cook Olivia Kowalyk
King of Hearts Matthew Leckie
Knave of Hearts Darcy Smith
Ace of Hearts Lachlan Anderson
Dance Captain Georgia Peterson
Featured Dancers Alexandra Janke
Jada Kyle
Vivienne Price
Charlie Sandwith
Ensemble Kaytlyn Aquilina
Mia Brittain
Jamie Brown
Madeleine Chetcuti
Rachel Dwyer
Alexandra Fimeri
Francessca Fimeri
Katie Lewis
Sophia McCann
Jayla McLennan
Andrew Price
Karl Sentfleben
Ally Smedley
Amy Smedley
Chloe Smedley
Julian Smith-Gard
Stephanie Smith-Gard
Luke Vranes
Amellie Zaitzev

Director Chelsea Hogarth
Musical Director Minna Ikonen
Choreographer Jamie Long
Producer Cody O'Prey & Mark Crick
Vocal Coach Minna Ikonen

Performances will be held at the Altona Theatre, 115 Civic Pde, Altona (to the left of the council offices).

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