2015 Season Announcement

Altona City Theatre is very excited to announce our season for 2015.


The year will commence with our annual pantomime. The panto encourages faces old and new, young and not so young to come together and present a fun-filled and a sometimes skewed take on fairytale favourites audiences will be familiar with since childhood. 2015 will see Pinnochio take the stage with Altona (and panto) veteran and ACTion coordinator, Alanah Smith, taking a seat in the director’s chair. Pinnochio tells the story of a wooden puppet who longs to be a real boy and is sure to engage and bewilder audiences of all ages.

5888Following the pantomime will be our two full-scale productions, set to open in July and October, respectively. In July, audiences will be in stitches as they bear witness to the hilarity that is The Producers. Based on the film of the same name, The Producers follows the story of two theatrical producers (who’d have guess it?) as they devise a get-rich-quick scheme by endorsing a Broadway blunder. The Producers will be directed and choreographed by Narelle Bonnici and Samantha Heskett, and musically directed by Daniel Heskett. This humourous and catchy production is sure to leave audiences wanting more.  Luckily, our October show will surely fill that very void.

The Wedding Singer has become an increasingly popular productions amongst theatregoers and movie-buffs alike. As an adaptation of the Adam Sandler favourite of the same name, The Wedding Singer transports audiences back to the 80s where big hair, romance and rock ballads seem to go hand in hand. This score will find audiences bopping along and perhaps even dancing in the aisles of the Altona Theatre. The Wedding Singer will be directed by Joshua McGuane, musically directed by Jaxson McLennan, and choreographed by Xavier McGettigan.

It is with great pleasure that we leave you with this exciting news and look forward to seeing you at our auditions, or in the audience. Our youth theatre arm, ACTion Youth Theatre, will be announcing their 2015 production shortly, so watch this space!

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