Jersey Boys Auditions

Director: Samantha Heskett
Musical Directors: William Conway and Daniel Heskett
Choreographer: Remy Noonan
Producer: Tim Maloney

Audition Dates:
Thursday 10th March from 7pm – 10pm
Saturday 12th March from 3pm – 8pm
Sunday 13th March from 11am – 3pm

Dance Audition: Sunday 13th March from 4pm – 7pm
(You will be informed at your vocal audition if you are required to attend a dance audition on this day)

Callbacks: Wednesday 16th March from 7pm (if required)

Auditions will be held at:
Altona Theatre: 115 Civic Parade, Altona

Meet & greet and first rehearsal will be on Tuesday 19th April.
Rehearsals will be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights (7:30pm – 10:30pm) and on Sunday afternoons (1:30pm – 5:30pm).
Please note these times are indicative and will be finalised by the first rehearsal; not all cast members will be required at all rehearsals.

Rehearsals will be held at the Altona Theatre (115 Civic Parade, next to the Altona Civic Centre).
The Altona Theatre is a Hobsons Bay City Council venue – all cast and crew must be up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations to comply with HBCC user requirements.

Production week will be 3rd – 7th July 2022
Performances will be on the weekends from 8th – 23rd July 2022 at the Altona Theatre

To book an audition click here and fill out the online form
Please note that some delays in confirming your booking may be experienced due to the anticipated volume of bookings

Audition Requirements

This production has a minimum age of 18 years for all cast members at the time of audition.


You will be required to prepare one song showcasing your vocal range and acting ability. The song should be in the style of the show, but not from the show (doesn’t have to be musical theatre!).

Please bring sheet music and our multi-talented piano player will play it for you. The sheet music must be in the desired key (we will not transpose), and please write in any slight edits you may need.

Please note that a’capella singing and backing tracks will not be accepted. Part of the audition may require a vocal range test.


At the audition you may be given some script excerpts to read. Of course, acting is not just something you do with words, your acting during the singing will also be considered!


If notified during your vocal audition, you will be required to attend a dance call on Sunday 13th March. Please wear suitable clothing and footwear (no open toe shoes are allowed).

Don’t worry if you’re not invited to the dance call – not everyone in the cast is required to dance.


Don’t be nervous – we will try and make the process as enjoyable as possible.

Relax. Enjoy. Don’t worry if you mess up – we want to see what you CAN do, and we will conveniently ignore any mistakes you make.
PS Learn your song off by heart! Extra points are always awarded for people who are prepared! 🙂

Altona City Theatre promotes an inclusive environment. We welcome all ethnicities, ages, sizes, and genders to audition for our productions.

Character Descriptions

All ages listed are to be considered "stage age" and not indicative of performers actual age.

Please note: The four leading actors in this production must ALL be comfortable with traditional four-part harmonies, they must have the ability to deliver convincing New Jersey accents and be confident delivering narrative text (including monologues) covering a wide range of emotions.

The performers portraying Frankie, Tommy, Bob and Nick must also be strong movers.

Frankie Valli (Male) – 20-30
A strong tenor with a sweet, strong falsetto and the ability to sing in the style of Frankie Valli; tenor up to high A or Bb with falsetto to treble G. Must be a strong actor with charm and charisma. A small, tenacious, scrappy kid from a tough neighbourhood with an unusually high, clear falsetto. He is talented, hard-working and determined to succeed.

Tommy DeVito (Male) – 20-35
A strong tenor/baritenor voice. A handsome, charismatic, smooth-talking operator with a quick temper, Tommy is a born hustler from a tough neighbourhood and the essence of Jersey cool.

Bob Gaudio (Male) – 20-30
Strong tenor/baritenor voice up to a high G. Boyish, fresh-faced Bob is the keyboardist. Something of a boy genius, he is smart and savvy beyond his years.

Nick Massi (Male) – 20-30
Strong bass/baritone voice down to a low E. A steady, sturdy, lumbering man of few words with a police record and a strong musical talent. Nick is a dreamer who longs for a life after the Four Seasons.

Bob Crewe (and others) (Male) – 30-45
Intelligent and flamboyant; the genius music producer and lyricist who was an integral part of creating the magic of The Four Seasons. Quick-witted and very into astrology!

Gyp DeCarlo (and others) (Male) – 45-60
Tough, mafioso type; must be a good actor and strong singer. Must be comfortable and convincing speaking phrases in Italian.

Joe Pesci / Studio Engineer (and others) (Male) – 20-30
Young, energetic and a little over-excited; a good actor, strong singer and strong mover.

Barry Belson / French Rap Star (and others) (Male) – 20-50
This role is to be filled by person who identifies as a POC
A strong actor & singer who plays various roles including Hal Miller. Tenor to high C ideally with a strong falsetto to G above high C; has the ability to riff in rhythm-and-blues style. Literally the most challenging role in the show. Ability to harmonise is essential.

Mary Delgado (and others) (Female) – 20-35
Strong singer, actor, and dancer; Frankie’s wife; tough, "seen it all", Italian, Jersey girl; she’s got a killer sense of humor; actor also plays a variety of other roles; strong belt useful; high straight tone soprano also useful but not required. Ability to harmonise is essential.

Lorraine (and others) (Female) – 20-35
A fabulous, versatile actress, singer and dancer with flexible vocal register to play a variety of roles (Frankie’s teenage daughter, the many girlfriends of The Four Seasons, etc). Be able to play a 60’s Shangri-las and then be believable as a "tough as nails" Jersey girl. Comfortable holding four part harmonies and a strong belt. Ability to harmonise is essential.

Francine (and others) (Female) – 20-35

Featured Males
Strong actors and singers to play various roles including Norman Waxman, Nick DeVito, Billy Dixon, Charlie Calello, Hank Majewski, Joe Long and others. Movement ability is desirable. Ability to harmonise is essential.

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