Robin the Hood

Find out where Robin Hood put his Little John!  What made Will Scarlet?  What did Friar Tuck into his tights that Maid Marian all of a quiver?

Prepare yourself to head back to the Middle Ages!  A romantic time of fair maidens and knights in shining armour!  Well, that's how history wants us to remember it anyway!

Get ready to come with us on an action packed, mad-capped romp through the unknown pages of England!

Produced with the permission of Maverick Musicals

Show season:  March 2006

Robin Hood Cody O'Prey
Little John Brett Somerville
Will Scarlet Luke Fenton
Friar Tuck Alison Thorn
Alan A Dale Carlin Grant
Sheriff of Nottingham Blake Testro
Maid Marian Jessica Condon
Bad King John David Cenzato
Queen Ang Cuy
Marlene the Sorceress Bianca Giorgetti
Court Jester Rebecca Sabatino
William Tell Patt Ryan
Schoen Tell Eleanor Kurdo
Good King Richard Mick Delaney
Fairy Woodmother Ang Cuy
Ivy Andrea Aptimes
Pansy Alanah Smith
Rose Lisa Nightingale
Bluebell Miraca Walker
Lily Katie Privett
Gladys Lydia Gardner
Phyllis Carlie Aloi-Carlus
Gertie Carly Stephens
Prunella Marcia Walker
Ensemble Alexander Beckitt
Emma Coledan
Mitchell Duddy
Blair Grant
Hayley Harkin
Melanie Harkin
Stephanie Munro
Jake Privett

Director Mark Monroe
Musical Director Cassandra Beckitt
Choreographer Mark Monroe
Producer Lesley Stokes
Assistant Director Cathy Patti
Assistant Musical Director Narelle Bonnici
Choreographer's Assistant Benjamin Stokes
Assistant Producer Sally Johnson
Stage Manager Anna Marinelli
Assistant Stage Manager Natalie Black
Costume Design/Construction Robyn Wright
Lighting Design/Operation Erin Wilson
Audio Design/Operation James Holt
Stage Crew Elise Elmer
Greg Erwood
Peter Grande
Rick Howden
Sally Johnson
Stewart McGregor
Lisa Pilkington
Jackie Sammut
Dean Shipman
Geoff Stokes
Followspot Operators Christie Walton
Rebecca Edwards
Lighting Programmer Benjamin Daly
Props Paul Basilio
Props Assistant Sarah Stokes
Set Design Rick Howden
Set Construction Rick Howden
Doug Privett
Erin Wilson
Marcus McEvoy
Sam Sutton
Douglas Walker
Blake Testro
Set Painting Erin Wilson
Mick Delaney
Elise Elmer
Mark Monroe
Blake Testro
Scenic Art Ang Cuy
Lisa Nightingale
Patt Ryan
Publicity Marcus Cassidy-Anderson
Tickets Adrienne Williamson
Programme Design Erin Wilson
Programme Photography Lauren Grieve
Flyer Design Nathan Toovey
Flyer Printing Franklin Digital
FOH Coordinator Lisa Burgemeister
FOH Staff ACT Friends and Committee
Acknowledgements StageZone
Judy Blazely
Anna Marinelli
Brett Somerville
Sarah Stokes
Shelley Alexander
Gavin D Andrew
Lisa Pilkington
Doug Privett
Scott Ponsford
Nathan Tranter
Bayside Festival Committee
Hobsons Bay City Council
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Kim Harkin
Jake Privett
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Robyn Wright
Terry McCullagh