Bye Bye Birdie

Ticket Information

Show dates:   October 21 - October 29 2011
Running time:  Approximately 2 hours (including intermission)
Adults: $15
This show has closed

Matinee @ 2:00pm
Evening @ 7:30pm
Matinee @ 2:00pm + Evening @ 7:30pm

It's the late 1950s and teenagers from across the United States are going crazy for the handsome rock star, Conrad Birdie. Meanwhile, his manager, Albert Peterson, is going into debt and has staked his financial future on Conrad's success. Albert's secretary, Rosie, is increasingly frustrated with the time and money Albert is losing on his project. Disaster strikes when Conrad receives a draft notice to join the military. Thus, Albert attempts to stage a farewell party for Conrad in which he is to kiss one lucky fan on the Ed Sullivan Show before he leaves for the army. Kim MacAfee, from Sweet Apple, Ohio, is the lucky girl chosen to be kissed. But conflict arises when her boyfriend, Hugo Peabody, gets jealous, and Rosie becomes fed-up with the abusive treatment she receives from Albert's mother.

Will this story have a happy ending? Bring the family and enjoy a nostalgic and funny look back at the 50's.

Friday 21st October @ 7:30pm (book tickets online)
Saturday 22nd October @ 7:30pm (book tickets online)
Sunday 23rd October @ 2:00pm (book tickets online)
Friday 28th October @ 7:30pm (book tickets online)
Saturday 29th October @ 7:30pm (book tickets online)

Albert Peterson Marcus Cozzolino
Rose Alvarez Sarah Occhino
Conrad Birdie Jack Breedon
Mae Peterson Danielle Thielke
Kim Macafee Taylor Branecki
Ursula Merkle Chelsea Hogarth
Harry Macafee James Pallasis
Doris Macafee Alicia Leckie
Randolf Macafee Mason Stiles
Hugo Peabody Chris Breedon
Mayor/Maude Aaron Goodall
Mayor's Wife Sarah Charles
Deborah Sue Hayley Edwards
Alice Asami Weaver
Helen Eleanor Twomey
Nancy Steph Johns
Margie Annalise Branecki
Penelope Maxine Palmerson
Suzie Sarah MacGowan
Harvey Johnson Dilan Ismail
Gloria Rasputin Jess Zanoni
Mrs. Merkle Megan O'Hagan
"Sad Girls" Pheobe Hogarth
Courtney Howard
Reporters Katie Lewis
Ellese Puopolo
Teen Chorus Gaby Cronin-Pagano
Declan Edwards
Claire Huntington
Ben Provan-Koch
Katie Lewis
Jade Said
Emily Muller
Grace Charter
Madison Charter
Riona Sadler
Eliza Sadler
Lisa Groves
Melinda Groves
Luke Vranes
Blake Howard
Naomi Vidyarante
Madison Lu
Chloe Smedley
Adult Chorus Shona Mercaldi
Sarah Charles
Josiah Coutts
Jessica Vranes
Rachel Wilson
Elice Thomas
Megan O’Hagan
Anupama Nayak
Amy Smedley

Director Stacey-Louise Camilleri
Musical Director Max Donovan and Stacey-Louise Camilleri
Choreographer Lucy Gransbury
Producer Jacqui Johns/Patt Ryan/James Morgan
Stage Manager Greg Erwood
Assistant Stage Manager David Potter
Rehearsal Pianist Stephen McMahon
Production Assistant Elice Thomas
Costume Design and Fabrication Rose Whitehurst
Jacqui Johns
Susanne Branecki
Sets Nigel Edwards
Carmine Cozzolino
Stacey-Louise Camilleri
Lighting Design James Holt
Lighting Operation James Morgan
Cassie Hills
Followspot Operators Eugene Twomey
Daniel Treloar
Sound Design/Operation Marcus Crick
Audio Technician Dom Watson
Microphone Technician Jayson Fry
Stage Crew Jessica Quayle
Matt Morton
Props Trish Anderson
Rose Whitehurst
Susanne Branecki
Alex Williams
Hair and Makeup Gabriella Sabatino
Ticket Secretary Adrienne Williamson
Flyer Design James Morgan
Program Design Evan Cottle
James Morgan
Printing BLS Printing

Conductor Stacey-Louise Camilleri
Piano Stephen McMahon
Reed I Jessica Lindsay Smith
Reed II Anna Hammer
Reed III Nick Scoufis
Trumpet 1 Samuel Chandra
Trumpet 2 Helen Casey
Trombone Jonty Smith
Daniel McIlvride
Violin Lauren Steel
Cello Sarah Kiddle
Guitar/Electric Bass Jaxson McLennan
Bass Geoff Shields
Percussion Declan McGavin
Drum Kit Stephanie Pulis-Cassar

Performances will be held at the Altona Theatre, 115 Civic Pde, Altona (to the left of the council offices).

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