Sinbad’s Voyage at Altona

The cast of 'Sinbad'

For those of you who were a part of it, there is no explanation necessary…for those of you who were not, there is no explanation possible.  The idea of putting Patt and Della in charge of a panto has been brought up by numerous people throughout the years, so when the opportunity came for the boys to do it, they went at it like a bat out of hell.  Combined with Jess Condon as MD, and Steph Johns as Co-Choreographer, it was a prod team made up of first timers.  The guidance of the experienced Elise Elmer in the Producers seat made sure things didn’t get too out of hand.

There were a number of new things about this years pantomime.  An extended season of four weeks (which became five due to the Easter long weekend in the middle), an extremely ambitious set and a new look on fundraising with the re-introduction of the A.C.T trivia night.  The trivia night was a great night, and raised $1900 for the production/company, and will definitely be looked at as returning to an annual event. The four week run, while worth it in terms of ticket sales, did take its toll on the cast.  So a few things to look at next year.  But in terms of most things, everyone involved has called it a success, which is always good.  And hey, having a sold out final weekend is always a good sign that you’re doing the right thing.

Most of you would have come to see it, a few of you chose not to and then there those of you who were actually a part of it.  One word that comes to mind to try and describe the whole 2010 panto experience is “LONG”.  The first time prod team had to get used to the long nights at the theatre, then there was the long list of cast changes to deal with, then realizing the show itself was long, and the decision to do a 4 week season, split over Easter, so then it became five weeks…Long!  However, you must also remember that “long” is not always a bad thing.  Quite a few people admit to liking “long” walks on the beach, no one ever orders a “short island ice tea”, everyone loves to get “long” service leave…and girls, don’t try and tell me long is wrong.

So, after admitting it was a long show, we will also admit that it was the highest selling Altona show on record (Les Miserables may have sold more, but can not be confirmed).  It was a learning experience for all involved, but that is what the panto is meant to be… a time to learn and grow.  Patt and Della were able to transfer their own humour into the entire cast, which is no mean feat, and most audience members commented on this.  A lot of talk from the audience mentioned that we don’t need Patt and Della in the panto anymore, as we definitely have enough talented people willing to fill their shoes.  So a big congratulations to all the cast for putting on a very funny show.  And a thank you to Patt, Della, Jess, Steph and Elise for stepping up this year and taking on the challenge of putting on the show.  You have outdone yourselves and should be very proud.

And so we now wonder where the 2011 panto will take us, and who will take us there.  If you, or someone you know is thinking of putting in a proposal to take charge of the 2011 panto, please get in contact with James Morgan at and he can help you on your way.

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